Black Friday 2020 is already projected to differ from the norm by both shoppers and retailers. Normally, Black Friday is a limited week-long or one-day affair. However, in 2020, stores are doing things slightly differently by offering their customers week- to month-long (November) discounts, with the biggest deals expected to launch on the 27 of November – Black Friday. 

So, while you can look forward to plenty of specials before the 27th, it is often worth it to wait for the big day. Let’s explore why: 

Stores are saving the best for last

Many stores are using the pre-sales as a warm-up to Black Friday. Typically, they will launch smaller specials before the day and launch their big discounts with a bang on Black Friday. We take a look at a few stores and what discounts can be expected from them: 

Makro Black Friday Specials 

Makro has announced that its Black Friday will begin on 2 November and extend up to 29 November 2020, with its biggest day being on 27 November. The sale is designed to take place online and in-store. Some of the tech products that are expected to launch on Makro’s Black Friday with discounts up to 70% include: 

  • The Hisense 164cm (65″) Smart ULED TV
  • The Canon PowerShot SX430 camera
  • The Huawei 128GB P30 lite 2020

Game Black Friday Specials

Game has rolled out its Black Friday 2020 campaign in an enticing way this year. The store will not run the usual weekend offer, and it will instead run month-long weekly deals starting from 2 November to 29 November. Their biggest day is also planned for the 27th. 

This year, Game is capping off the delivery fees on some items by up to R90 on Black Friday – so worth the wait! Some of the things you can expect to save on include smartphones, laptops, TVs, gardening tools and equipment, and more. 

Pick n Pay Black Friday Specials 

Last year, Pick n Pay Black Friday was held over a period of three days; however, this year, the store has announced that it will be extending Black Friday to two weeks. The biggest specials will, however, launch on the 27th. The store has encouraged all its customers to take advantage of these deals by register for an online shopping experience.

You should expect to make savings on appliances, food items, clothing, electronics, and more. Specials are expected to start at only R12.99. 

From these stores, it is evident that you should wait for the big day before sopping. The stores may have specials going on right now, but much more can be expected on Black Friday. 

Planning is key 

Shopping on Black Friday can be quite exciting as thousands of products go on special. Therefore, it is easy for you to get carried away and end up with regrettable purchases just because of the “thrill of the season”. 

To avoid these regrets, you need to be adequately prepared. For instance, you should consider making a list of all the items you want or need to purchase; this will help you focus on what you need. 

Compare prices early 

It is also advisable to compare products on special now, and those that will be on special on an actual day. This will give you a good idea of how much you can save. 

It is wise to consider comparing prices of products across various stores by browsing their catalogues. For instance, Game, Pick n Pay, and Makro may have similar products on offer for Black Friday 2020. By looking at their catalogues, you will be able to compare these items’ prices and discover the best deals. 

Get ready for Black Friday 2020 

Black Friday 2020 is around the corner and while you may get distracted by specials running in the days before the big day, it is advisable to wait. Most stores will launch their biggest deals on Black Friday. So, get prepared, compare prices and make your lists of absolute must-haves! 

Why is it worth waiting for Black Friday?

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