If there is a specific electronic product you have been eyeing for a while, it’s time to save up, because Black Friday 2020 is around the corner and there will be massive deals on electronics. This year, you can look forward to amazing deals from your favourite electronics stores both online and in-store.

But to ensure you get your hands on the products you really want, you have to prepare well in advance. You don’t want to miss out on any of the electronic Black Friday deals this year from the major stores, including Makro, BT Games, Game, PEP, MTN and Vodacom. Luckily, these stores typically announce their significant Black Friday discounts well in advance, so it is worth browsing their catalogues before the day. If their specials are not yet available, you can also have a look at previous years’ catalogues and specials to get an idea of what to expect this year.

To help you get prepared, our team takes a look at some of the predictions from the electronics stores this Black Friday:

Shop Makro Black Friday Specials

Makro has a history of giving its customers significant discounts on electronics, which can go up to 50%. The store has stated that it is making preparations for Black Friday 2020 months in advance. They have given a sneak peek of what to expect, and these specials include deals on TVs, laptops, fridges and washing machines. Stay informed about the Makro Black Friday deals from Makro’s latest catalogue.

Shop BT Games Black Friday deals

If you are an avid gamer and are looking forward to playing some of the latest games, then prepare to take advantage of the BT Games Black Friday deals by reviewing the store’s catalogue. This popular gaming store not only offers a large variety of games but also provides enormous discounts every year during the holiday season.

Get PEP Black Friday specials

While PEP is renowned across South Africa for offering some of the best daily deals on clothing, electronics and homeware, you can expect even better deals during

Black Friday. To take advantage of these deals browse through the latest PEP Black Friday catalogues here. The electronic Black Friday specials you can expect from PEP this year may include deals on mobile phones, decoders and electronic accessories.

Shop MTN Black Friday deals

Mobile phones have become part and parcel of everyday living; for this reason, more advanced models are continually being released to the market. So, if you are looking to upgrade from your current device, or are looking for phone accessories, consider the MTN Black Friday deals. Last year, they’ve had massive deals on data, starting at just R39, and discounts on a variety of mobile devices. This year, you can expect more or less the same amazing deals. To stay updated, browse the latest MTN catalogue now.

Get Game Black Friday deals

From fridges and home theatre systems to mobile phones and laptops, you are sure to find all the best electronics on offer at Game this Black Friday. This store is a favourite choice among shoppers every year, and the Game Black Friday sale promises to be even better. Previous years have seen specials on TVs, home theatre systems, fridges, washing machines, laptops, cameras and more on offer with discounts of up to 70%! To avoid missing out, browse the Game Black Friday specials in their catalogues here.

Shop Vodacom Black Friday discounts

Every year with Black Friday, Vodacom has incredible deals on data and electronics such as smartphones and laptops. This year, it is predicted that the Vodacom Black Friday deals will be even better. Data will be the focus of the sale and shoppers can look forward to saving big on mobile and internet data bundles. To avoid missing out, keep an eye on the latest Vodacom catalogues.

Save big on electronics

Black Friday 2020 presents a unique opportunity for you to get all the electronics you have always wanted or have been saving up for. Stay well informed and well prepared to take full advantage of the deals offered during this day by regularly browsing your favourite stores’ online catalogues.

Discounts on electronics to look out for on Black Friday

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