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Clicks - Black Friday

from Thursday 22/10/2020

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New specials

from Thursday 22/10/2020

Preview of flyers New specials from shop Clicks valid from 30/10/2020

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30/10 - 24/12/2020

Clicks specials

Get the most with Clicks specials

Clicks is one of South Africa’s most popular stores. This health, wellness and lifestyle store specialises in products at low prices to ensure they are able to service shoppers from all levels of income. Clicks also follow a strict code of ethics on all forms of capital in order to ensure that they remain the leading healthcare distributor in Southern Africa. Clicks has not gotten where they are today by following a shoddy business plan. These guys know what they are doing! That means that you can find trusted specials in the monthly Clicks catalogue. The regular Clicks sale and specials are as good as they are thanks to years of proper business ownership and management. To view the Clicks specials November 2020, simply browse the Clicks catalogue here. It is available from 30/10/2020 and is valid for a limited time, so start shopping now!

About Clicks

The first Clicks store was opened in Cape Town in August of 1968. Clicks forms part of the Clicks Group. This Group has been listed on the JSE Limited since 1996 and includes Clicks, GNC, The Body Shop, Claire’s and Musica. Together, this Group has over 800 stores in southern Africa with Clicks sporting over 500 in-store pharmacies. In 1995, the Clicks Club Card was launched. This amazing card helps you save even more on all their products, so it’s worth the 5-minute process to get it activated in store. The Clicks specials always have an option where Club Card members save more. Clicks also have a large online store where shoppers can shop online and have their orders delivered. The online store is available at clicks.co.za and also include knowledgeable information on different medicines and typical illnesses and conditions. Clicks online also allow shoppers to browse the latest Clicks catalogue to view the latest deals in-store and online.

Save with Clicks

Clicks offers a wide range of products at lower costs to allow South Africans to save. They truly go out of their way to offer shoppers a positive shopping experience while saving them money – always. Let’s take a look at everything Clicks have to offer and what makes them so special:

  • Clicks offers a wide range of healthcare products, including vitamins and supplements, at lower prices than you will find in privately owned pharmacies.
  • There is a large variety of beauty products available in Clicks stores, including make-up, hair care, skincare, face care and fragrances.
  • Clicks’ luxury beauty department is dedicated to perfumes and all the things that make you smell pretty including perfumed soaps, creams and body washes.
  • The toiletry section includes all kinds of personal hygiene products. Clicks specials are known to include a lot of 3 for 2 specials and they are usually in this section. So, make sure to check out the mid-month Clicks online catalogue every month to see where you can save by buying bulk.
  • In the baby section, you will find anything your newborn to two-year-old may need. These ranges include baby products such as nappies, formulas and cereals and accessories.
  • Most Clicks stores also have an electrical section where you can find small household appliances including the ones you use to keep yourself beautified, such as hairdryers and straighteners. You can also find some audio equipment here.
  • The household section generally includes bathroom items such as towels, but some stores have expanded this section to include items for your kitchen, travel and all kinds of technological and electrical goodies.

From this, it is evident that Clicks always try to find ways to make the shopping experience even better for South African shoppers. They know that most shoppers have a tight budget and, therefore, they don’t only lower their prices, by they also have amazing discounts. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Clicks specials November 2020. If you want to see how these specials compare to other shops, you can browse the promotions from The Local Choice Pharmacy, Justine, Dis-Chem, Avon too.