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OK Furniture catalogue - specials for this week - South Africa, Zambia, Swaziland and others     

Preview of leaflet Zambia Only from shop OK Furniture valid from 23/11/2018

Zambia Only

23/11/2018 - 09/12/2018

Preview of leaflet Swaziland Only from shop OK Furniture valid from 23/11/2018

Swaziland Only

23/11/2018 - 09/12/2018

Preview of leaflet Namibia Only from shop OK Furniture valid from 23/11/2018

Namibia Only

23/11/2018 - 09/12/2018

Preview of leaflet Lesotho Only from shop OK Furniture valid from 23/11/2018

Lesotho Only

23/11/2018 - 09/12/2018

Preview of leaflet Botswana Only from shop OK Furniture valid from 23/11/2018

Botswana Only

23/11/2018 - 09/12/2018

OK Furniture

Ok Furniture is a subdivision of the original OK Bazaars. OK Bazaars raised some controversy with their first store opening in Johannesburg, south of the four block shopping hub on Eloff Street. It was the year 1927 and convention was followed to a T. Suddenly there was a new store in town, on the wrong side of the road! Whether this controversy spurred interest which kick started the sales for OK Bazaars or whether the success lay in the risky new store’s great goods at great prices remains an unanswered question. But by 1967 OK Bazaars had 100 stores across South Africa.

In 1973 South African Breweries bought the majority of shares available on the stock exchange for OK Bazaars. But during the 1980’s and 1990’s OK Bazaars got crushed by their competition. OK Furniture was created in 1996, when OK Bazaars divided into separate divisions. In 1997 South African Breweries sold their shares to the Shoprite Checkers group. Which means that OK Furniture now operated as a division of the Shoprite Checkers group.

OK Furniture recently got a facelift and now they are one of the major retailers of furniture, appliances and carpets in South Africa. They have a powerful point of sales system and introduces an electronic catalogue. That means you can now browse the OK Furniture catalogue for specials from the comfort of your very own home. The OK Furniture catalogue is available on a weekly basis and it is filled with amazing OK Furniture specials.

OK Furniture strives to keep their overheads low in order to maintain their competitive prices for their good quality products. They also uphold good relationships with their staff, consumers, suppliers and the communities they are located in in order to uphold the OK brand name and ensure that they keep growing their number of stores, while bringing you the best OK Furniture specials all at the same time.

OK Furniture catalogues are packed with a bunch of products for your home. The OK Furniture specials include products in the following categories:

  • Appliances: Here you can find any and all sorts of appliances including fridges and freezers, ovens, stoves and microwaves, heaters, fans and air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, laundry appliances and smaller household appliances. 
  • Audio Visual: In this category you will find accessories, DVD players, music, HI-FI’s, televisions, DSTV and satellites, and portable music players and accessories. 
  • Cellular: This section provides everything you need from cellphones, airtime, accessories and even tablets. 
  • Flooring: If you’re looking for new flooring you’ll find a wide selection of carpets, rugs, tiles and vinyl at OK Furniture stores. 
  • Furniture: Of course OK Furniture has a wide selection of furniture including furniture for your lounge, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and office. Then there is also a selection of furniture accessories and bedding to choose from. 
  • Multimedia: The multimedia section offers a range of laptops and accessories. 
  • Outdoor living: In this category OK Furniture stocks lawn mowers and trimmers.

With such a wide variety of products for your home OK Furniture catalogues will not leave you disappointed. OK Furniture specials are available on a weekly basis and are divided into categories so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Make sure that you choose the OK Furniture catalogue that is tailor made for your area. Different regions receive different special offers in OK Furniture catalogues.

If you’re looking to refurbish your home OK Furniture catalogues are the best place to start looking. The prices are unbeatable and there is a wide variety of appliances, furniture and electronics to choose from. You will also find specials on gas stoves and ovens in the OK Furniture catalogue, which is always a good thing to have when the power goes out unexpectedly.


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