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Preview of specials Malawi Catalogue 2019 from shop Tupperware valid from 01/04/2019

Malawi Catalogue 2019

01/04/2019 - 31/12/2019

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Ghana Catalogue 2019

01/04/2019 - 31/12/2019


Tupperware specials

Tupperware is a global enterprise that sells, you guessed it, tupperware. Tupperware was developed by Earl Tupper in the 1940’s. He was experimenting with a by product of the oil refining process. He came up with the concept of creating a storage container, but the product didn’t really take off until the single mother Brownie Wise got involved in the 1950’s. People didn’t understand the idea at first. Now you probably won’t find a house with at least some semblance of Tupperware in the kitchen cupboard.

Tupperware can be used to store fresh food, freeze raw or cooked food, cook food in a microwave oven or serve food at parties. The reusable nature of Tupperware means the plastics footprint on the environment is lessened. You don’t need to use cling wrap or disposable containers if you have Tupperware. The lid also seals tightly to create an air locked storage container, keeping anything you store in it fresher for longer, meaning you waste less food.

The Tupperware company also engages in corporate citizenship by giving back to the community. There is a volunteer program in which volunteers also receive leadership, teambuilding and other skills development. In South Africa Tupperware is actively involved in Boys and Girls Clubs of South Africa. This initiative offers after school programs that are based around the interests and needs of the members. The main focus of these programs is to improve the academic success of their members, ensure they live a healthy lifestyle and promote good character and citizenship qualities while building self-esteem and self worth. They hope to keep these children off the streets and away from drug, gang related activities and other deviant behaviour that plague the children of our country today.

Tupperware has a surprisingly wide variety of products in their range. They offer monthly Tupperware specials in the Tupperware catalogue, which will help you save. Their products all have a lifetime guarantee on them, which means you really get value for your money.

Besides the service of stocking Tupperware, the online store also provides a wide range of services. These include a cooking guide for microwave cooking, recipes, how to use and care for your Tupperware and a guide and tips on how to freeze using Tupperware.

The product list includes items such as steamers, cookers, food processors and omelette makers. There is also a monthly savings catalogue filled with Tupperware specials. The Tupperware catalogue is country sensitive though, so make sure the offer you are eyeing is valid for South Africa. There are a wide range of products available in Tupperware specials. You can save money of items such as drink pitchers, serving bowls, small and large storage containers, lunchbox and cooldrink bottle sets, the list goes on. The catalogue of Tupperware specials even includes recipes and serving suggestions.

Tupperware offers quality products at reasonable prices. The best thing about Tupperware has to be the fact that their products have a lifetime guarantee, even the items that are reduced. The clearance sale section is where you’ll find the best Tupperware specials, but there is also a gift section where Tupperware gives you a free gift if you spend more than a certain amount. It might be a good idea to club together for an oder just for the amazing gifts you can get with your purchase!

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