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Christmas Catalogue

26/11 - 24/12/2019

Preview of specials Spar - Black Friday from shop Spar valid from 27/11/2019

Spar - Black Friday

27/11 - 29/11/2019


Gauteng - Weekly Specials

26/11 - 08/12/2019

Eastern Cape - Weekly Specials

26/11 - 08/12/2019

Preview of specials National Specials from shop Spar valid from 26/11/2019

National Specials

26/11 - 08/12/2019

Western Cape - Weekly Specials

25/11 - 08/12/2019


KwaZulu-Natal - Weekly Specials

25/11 - 08/12/2019

Spar specials

Since the 1960s SPAR has been a grocery chain loved by many in South Africa. Through the years the famous chain has grown and today, there are over a 1000 amazing SPAR stores around the country.

There is something different about shopping at SPAR, that’s because they have created a great culture of caring and community. The exciting grocery store really cares about their customers and the type of experience the get when visiting one of the SPAR stores. They care about keeping all shoppers happy in so many ways! From greeting customers the moment they enter one of the store to efficiently packing all of their items in shopping bags, SPAR is always looking for new ways to make the customer's journey a completely positive one.

SPAR also values quality when it comes to their products and excellent customer service to go along with it. SPAR is all about offering a smooth and memorable shopping experience for the whole family.

Not only do they offer quality and care, but they also value affordability. SPAR specials are some of the best in the country and many households look out for the SPAR catalogue every week. It is simply something that cannot be missed!

These SPAR leaflets contain excellent specials on almost everything you need! The store is known to offer quality at very low prices from time to time. Make sure that you do not miss out on these amazing offers, by looking out for the SPAR catalogue every week! And if you don't get a SPAR leaflet at home, simply check it out online.

SPAR is definitely a one-stop shop for all South Africans! From delicious fresh fruit and vegetables to a comprehensive range of quality cleaning products and toiletries, no matter what it is that you need for your household, you can be sure that SPAR will stock it.

SPAR is a shop for the whole family! Everything you need, from food to cleaning products, can be found under one roof. The staff are always eager to assist and will go out of their way to show you where to find the products you are looking for. The staff always have smiles on their faces and will always go the extra mile for you, the client!

SPAR is also passionate about affordability. They make sure that you get all your products at great prices. The SPAR specials you'll find every day is also second to none! Simply page through a SPAR catalogue, and you will see how affordable the family-friendly chain is!

SPAR only stocks quality products from trusted brand names. And if you are ever not entirely happy with a product, SPAR will go the extra mile to replace the product for you or offer your money back, if the product is damaged or not of the correct standard. It is important for the grocery chain to keep all customers happy at all times, and this includes taking complaint very seriously and turning a negative experience into a positive one quickly. SPAR values all customer feedback highly. 

SPAR leaflets are available weekly and can be found online in the form of a SPAR catalogue. Be sure not to miss any of these amazing SPAR specials.