Dion Wired Specials - October 2020 Catalogue

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Current specials Dion Wired

Preview of flyers Dionwired is closed for business from shop Dion Wired valid from 01/03/2020

Dionwired is closed for business

from Sunday 01/03/2020

Preview of flyers Closed for Business from shop Dion Wired valid from 19/03/2020

Closed for Business

from Thursday 19/03/2020

Preview of flyers New specials from shop Dion Wired valid from 16/03/2020

New specials

from Monday 16/03/2020

Preview of flyers New catalogue from shop Dion Wired valid from 22/01/2020

New catalogue

22/01 - 04/02/2020

Preview of flyers National Catalogue from shop Dion Wired valid from 11/12/2019

National Catalogue

11/12 - 24/12/2019

Preview of flyers Cellular Simplified from shop Dion Wired valid from 09/12/2019

Cellular Simplified

09/12 - 06/02/2020

Preview of flyers Dion Wired - Black Friday from shop Dion Wired valid from 29/11/2019

Dion Wired - Black Friday

29/11 - 01/12/2019

Dion Wired specials

Expect the best from Dion Wired specials 

Every year thousands of brand-new innovative tech and electronic products are launched to the market. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest innovations. If you have a passion for the latest in tech and electronics, including mobile phones, music systems, laptops and tablets, you’re probably always browsing tech stores looking for the latest products on special. With Dion Wired, you’re in luck. This tech store is known for their incredible Dion Wired specials every week. Simply have a look at their latest catalogue October 2020 to view their amazing specials this week. The here is available from 01/03/2020 and packed with discounts on all the products you’ve been eyeing this year. No longer do you have to do window shopping, with Dion Wired you can shop the latest in tech while saving big! 

About Dion Wired 

Dion Wired is one of the largest tech stores in South Africa. They have numerous shops around the country and also operate as an e-commerce store. Their large range consists of everything from home appliances and mobile tech to gaming, gadgets and photography equipment. Dion Wired’s stores have different operating hours, depending on the city, town or mall they operate in. If you’re looking for a specific store’s hours, visit www.dionwired.co.za. On their website you can also search for specific stores’ locations and check if certain products are in stock. Dion Wired not only operates online, but they also have a top-quality application that can be browsed from the comfort of your home. They are also known for their excellent Dion Wired specials and top customer service; They offer fast delivery options throughout South Africa, as well as top-quality online customer support provided by their friendly team. 

Save with Dion Wired 

Just like Teljoy, MTN, Matrix Warehouse, Game, Cell C, Cash Crusaders, BT Games Dion Wired specialises in quality electronic and tech products. What sets Dion Wired apart is that they always have excellent specials available in their weekly Dion Wired brochure. If you’re looking for specials this week, simply browse their October2020 catalogue, you’ll find heavily discounted deals on the latest mobile tech, home appliances, gadgets and more. Also be sure to keep an eye out for their special promotions, including their National Dion Wired brochure, Black Friday and Christmas catalogues. If you’re passionate about the latest tech innovations and products, be sure to keep your eye on this tech giant, you’re bound to find a bargain every week.